Privacy policy for Sportfish Live

This policy governs how personal information is handled at Sportfish Live ("we"), owned and operated by Andreas Liljefelt.

According to GDPR, we have introduced new routines related to handling personal information. This document outlines how we use personal information. Please read this policy before using any of our services.


Personal information is data which can be tied to a physical individual. Examples thereof are name, address, phone number and email as well as IP-address and LiveID. Handling data entails collecting, analysing, registrating and storing. Data controller is the person who determines what and how personal information is to be used, and makes sure our processes are in accordance with the GDPR. Our services entails the public website, the competition administration service and the web-based live reporting app.

Data definition

We collect and manage the following data:

Data collection

The aforementioned data is collected when the services are in use, such as during registration or competing.


We use your data in order to:


By registering an account and using our services you approve this policy. Consent is not implied, it is required in every step of registration, signup etc.

Transfer of data

You data may be transfered to our sub contractors as needed to supply the services they were collected for, in accordance with this policy. We will not transfer, sell or trade your data to an outside party unless we have been given your explicit consent or instructed to so so by court order.

Purging data

Your data is purged once we no longer need them to provide our services. Purged accounts are anonymized in the system to avoid corrupting our records.


You have the right to request transcript of your data, free of charge and without providing a reason. You also have the right to request that we block or delete any incorrect data. If the applicable laws dictate that we are required to store your data, only a blocking is possible. On request of data transcript, a unique code will be e-mailed to the registered e-mail address as a verification of identity. If we can't determined reliably that the person requesting the data have legal access to it, we will deny the request to avoid sharing data with the wrong person.

Law enforcement and damage prevention

We may use, store and share your data as a response to a legal request, for example warrant, court order, lawsuit etc, or as needed to avoid breaking the law. This may in extreme cases require that we store said data longer than naturally required to operate our services.


We store and read cookies as you use our services. For information about the usage, please consult our Cookie policy.

Changes to the policy

Any changes to the policy will incorporated in the policy and an updated document will be published on this page. Changes that require your consent will be communicated over e-mail if such consent has been given.


Processing of your data in accordance with this policy and your use of our services is governed by Swedish law. Dispute shall be resolved by Swedish public court with Stockholm District Court as first instance, unless otherwise provided by mandatory law.

Contact information to the data controller

Andreas Liljefelt is the data controller, and responsible for making sure the organisation follow this policy. To exercise your rights or if you have questions related to this policy, please make contact at