Extend LiveID validity

From 2020 and forward, extension is possible up until 12 months after expiration, giving you a total of 24 months to act from the date of registration or last extension.

Why do I have to manually extend?

In short: because EU says so.
GDPR compliance requires that we don't retain your personal details longer than necessary to provide our service without your explicit consent.

How long to I have before my account is gone?

After the initial 12 months, the account is removed from our active database but is available for re-activation for an additional 12 months.
Once the re-activation period has passed the account is anonymized and all personal data is removed and/or anonymized, extension will no longer be possible and a new registration is required to participate. Read more in our privacy policy.

My old PA-ID from PikeAssociation cant be extended here, why?

Due to GDPR and the associated consents we collected, only the PA-IDs that weren't expired at the time of data migration was converted to a LiveID. If your PA-ID can't be extended, you need to register a new LiveID.

* If you haven't registered a LiveID yet, please do.

Have you lost your LiveID? Retrieve it here.

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