A sportfishing competition platform
built by devoted maniacs* for you

* Our solutions have evolved over a decade, with 200+ events arranged by a minimal management team.

Sportfish Live is the easiest way
to manage your own competition*

* A minimal team can easily administrate multiple competitions with thousands of participants.

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9 reasons to use Sportfish Live

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Self service

With our QR-code based self-service your participants announces their arrival, return and selects a start number for the day directly in the LiveApp for each event by scanning auto-generated QR-codes on the organizer's device.

Access Control

Once you have added a user to your account, you can limit their access per competition and event all the way to down to individual functionality. Custom Access Roles allows you to standardize user permissions on your own terms.


Your quick overview of your most recent signups, catches, news articles, promotional items and much more. The dashboard is customizable for every user for every competition, making it the perfect companion tool for managing multiple competitions.

External website

Verify your domain ownership to embed our features and use our team functionality on your own website. Your visitors stay your website for signup, maps, live- results and much much more. Adapt visually by customizing your CSS styles.

Event organizer

Sportfish Live will assist you all the way; from taking on team signups to activate paid fees, to verifying team arrivals and returns, checking measure numbers and judging catches as well as publishing of results. It's built for simplicity and efficiency.

Competition website

Start instantly with your own customizable competition website with Signups, Map with Sonar Charts from Navionics, Results/LiveResults, News articles, Schedule, Regulations etc. Designed with promotional considerations in mind.

Catch Verification

Once a catch is recieved, check the photos and make sure the assigned start number is visible and floatation devices are on. Check the map for placement and any position violations. Full EXIF-data for each photo if available.

Advanced livereporting

Display the latest catches as they come in, with automatic calculation of scores based on Scoring Criterias (does 1cm of Pike equal 1cm of Perch or Zander?). The results engine separates or combines multiple species on the fly.

Mobile device support

Publish news articles, approve signup payments, publish sponsors, judge catches, edit map items and even organize the events - all on the go. We support the majority of the latest Android and Apple devices and operating systems.

"Sportfish Live is one of my most important tools. I have been using the underlying technology for almost a decade and recommend it to everyone."

Niclas Ã…hrman, Sportfish Masters

A method to the madness

Why we built what we built how we built it.

Over ten years in the making, we are proud to present to you: Sportfish Live.

Simplicity and efficiency

This platform was built with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Tools, features, solutions and theories are based on a system that has evolved and been fine tuned for over a decade. A minimal management team of one, sometimes two, individuals have arranged over 200 sportfishing competition events across Sweden since 2011 using the accumulated knowledge and experience. We are very proud to present this platform to the public.

Flexibility and continuity

The features are built with both flexibility and continuity in mind. Every single change, status update or marker is logged with a timestamp, providing a historic event log. In order to meet our ambitious demands of safety and procedure continuity a few enforced procedures have been implemented to make running a competition as a single individual not only a reality but in fact a breeze.

That said, there are plenty of options to customize your competition; min/max participants per team, max teams per event, participation fees and payment methods, list of species, score criterias per species, min/max lengths per species, checkin questionaire, available start numbers, map basemaps and overlays, sponsors, partners and banners, e-mail templates and outgoing credentials, pushover credentials and much more can be customized per competition with per-event overrides.

Our way or the highway

Please review the enforced procedures thoroughly before applying for an account on this platform as these procedures are a core part of the platform architecture and cannot be disabled or bypassed. If you for any reason have reservations against any of them, this is not the platform for you.

Enforced procedures

Signup: For a team to be able to sign up, each individual participant needs a LiveID (free to register). This helps us comply with privacy data protection regulations (GDPR among others).

LiveApp: Once a team is signed up and payment has been verified, you activate the signup in the system. An email is sent to the team captain with links to try the Liveapp (and Check in the team). A test-catch must be reported using the LiveApp before it's possible to Check in. This shows us that the team can handle using the LiveApp.

Check in: The check in process is a questionarie that must be filled in correctly. Once this is done, the team becomes available on the Arrivals page of the Event Organizer in the Admin. This effectively forces the team to study the regulations.

Arrivals: All teams must be marked as Arrived on the event day. At this time start badges or numbered measures are selected and handed out to the team captain and hidden/sewn-in floatation devices for each team participant must be shown to the management. This is required for the team to be able to report catches in the LiveApp and tells us how many teams are out on the water.

Catches: When judging catches from team participants who reported hidden floatation devices a reminder notification is shown to the judge. This makes us extra alert when judging catches where no floatation device is visible and no reminder notification is shown.

Returns: When the teams return on time the Organizer marks them as returned or the team itself scans a Return QR-code. Teams who return after the deadline can be disqualified with a single click. Teams not marked as returned will not show up in the final Results. This forces the organizer to keep track of which teams to contact for a safety check.

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